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🎁Electric Shock Mosquito Killer Lamp 🔥LIMITED 20% OFF🔥

🎁Electric Shock Mosquito Killer Lamp 🔥LIMITED 20% OFF🔥

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• Electric Shock :The electric shock feature of this mosquito killer lamp is designed to kill mosquitoes instantly upon contact, ensuring that they don't have a chance to bite you.

• UV Light :The UV light feature of this mosquito killer lamp attracts mosquitoes and other insects, making it an effective trap for them.

• Anti-Mosquito :This mosquito killer lamp is designed to repel mosquitoes and other insects, making it an ideal solution for outdoor camping or other outdoor activities.

• USB Recharge :With its USB recharge feature, this mosquito killer lamp is convenient to use and easy to charge, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.



1. [Powerful insect killer]: The electric mosquito killer uses blue amethyst light to attract mosquitoes, small flies, moths, spiders and other light-sensitive insects. Then the high-pressure grid will immediately catch these flying insects. When used in a dark environment, the insect killer will be more effective.

2. [Safe and durable]: Only when touching mosquitoes, electric shock is used, and mosquitoes are killed by physical methods to ensure non-toxic, non-chemical and non-radiation. The durable ABS shell can prevent accidental contact between humans and pets. It is very suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, balconies, gardens, courtyards, offices, camping, traveling and so on.

3. [Exquisite and portable]: We give a USB charging cable, and the small mosquito killer can get up to 6 hours of working time when charging. Hanging hula hoop makes this lovely mosquito repellent easy to hang. Please use it continuously for more than 48 hours when using for the first time.

4. [Easy to clean]: The Insecticide is equipped with a small brush, so you can easily remove dust and clean the insect killer by using the cleaning brush. Small size allows you to take it anywhere! Can be used indoors and outdoors. Can be used for business trips.


Material: ABS + PC

Light wavelength: 365nm

Voltage: 5V

Power: 5W

Color: Grey, green

Package Size: 9.2x9.2x14cm

Suitable area: 10-50 ing

Power supply mode: round head interface charging cable

Product specifications: USB direct plugging type, USB charging type(2000 mAh potassium battery)

Adjustment gear:

direct plug type: 1 gear - electric shock mode

Charging type: 1 gear - electric shock mode

2 gear - night light mode

Package Included:

1 * Mosquito Killer Lamp

1 * USB cable


● Operate the equipment 2-3 hours before going to bed to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

● Please put the equipment in the dark to get the best shooting effect.

● Do not place the equipment too close to the human body, because the presence of human body will reduce the performance of the equipment.

● Please put the mosquito net near the high wall about 1 meter above the ground.

● Work in a dark and closed room, with working/covering area of 10-50m2; Ultraviolet wavelength: 365nm-395nm.

● It is best to catch flies, fruit flies and mosquitoes. Place the insect trap as close to the insect as possible (for example, next to a fruit tree or a garbage can).

● Convenient cleaning and maintenance: it is easy to remove the tray for storing insects and add a cleaning brush to eliminate the sticky defects on the grid.

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