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馃敟Limit 32% off 馃敟 NE3 Ear Cleaner

馃敟Limit 32% off 馃敟 NE3 Ear Cleaner

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Join the ClearEar Movement聽

ClearEar will take your hearing to the next level after just one use. Try it yourself and with family and friends! Ditch the Q-tips once and for all!

Safe and Easy聽

ClearEar has helped countless people regain their full hearing potential. If you have struggled with using Q-tips for ear cleaning and suffered hearing blockages from wax build-up, ClearEar is perfect for you.

Trusted By Pros聽

ClearEar uses technology and a non-invasive design trusted by professionals and at-home users alike to restore clear, healthy ears. You'll be amazed at the difference!

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